Sox Target Lansdowne Growth With $10.5m Garage Purchase

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The Red Sox didn’t offer that many big ticket contracts this off-season. Shane Victorino got $13 month a year for the next three, Ryan Dempster the same for the next two and Mike Napoli would have gotten that had it not been for his health.

After the slicing and dicing of the biggest contracts from the 2011 payroll, the Sox had lots of money to throw around. Looks like one of the investments from that saved money won’t be back into the team, but continuing the improvements around the hallowed Fenway Park.

The Herald reported this morning on a $10.5 million deal that gives the Sox the parking garage directly across Lansdowne from the Green Monster. Organization brass were mum on what they plan to do with the space, but the Herald notes that current zoning provides a pretty big window – that footprint could be redeveloped to contain up to an eight-story building, double the height of the Monster. Interestingly, that Pike-abutting property is also the one that has the rights for the Stop Handgun Violence billboard (the Herald indicates that it will stay for the time being).

Like it’s Yawkey Way perimeter, the Lansdowne side of Fenway has gotten some upgrades in the past decade (although it’s still the more reliable spot for a Chi-Chi’s post game), most notably the reconstruction of the less-than-fantastic-but-still-memorable Avalon/Embassy into the House of Blues, alongside the neutering of Jake Ivory’s </pour one out> into Lansdowne Pub.

The good news: the only person with nostalgia for that parking garage may be Mark McGwire, as he looks back to the 1999 Home Run Derby. Tear it down…Fenway Rooftop, anyone?

(photo by mattfour)