On Not Feeding the Red Sox Nation Troll

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I was all excited Sunday morning. I saw a certain Globe columnist had gone out of his way to fan some flames regarding the Red Sox Alliance and the Evil Empire. This will be good I said to myself, let’s see how bad this one gets:


In a way, I’m glad the Boston Globe paywall saved me from this one. I had actually seen a little more of the post when I looked at my cell phone when the article first hit, but didn’t save my place or burned my last free article and don’t have the energy to find the leak.

It’s standard Shaughnessy, and he is doing what he does best: writing to get a reaction from the region. It’s why his articles are on the paid portion of BostonGlobe.com – because they drive ire and irrational response that also correlate to attention and page views.

The term of the week is clickbait. It’s what websites do to trick traffic, including those who are just coming to vent about how absurd the point is. You could probably call our dive bar shimmy the same thing, but I’ll argue that we’re legit on doing this without trying to make a traffic play and while it’s nice to have new visitors, this is fun for us anyway.

Back to Shaugnessy, though. I’m not falling for it this time. I have my own opinions about this team – and the Yankee rivalry for that matter –  but I’m not going to get worked up about a guy who made his living coining and then minting the phrase Curse of the Bambino. No Fire Joe Morganing his posts. No drop quotes and “are you serious?!” comments.

Don’t feed the troll – plus, that’s one less reason you don’t have to get a paid subscription to the Globe. Besides, the Providence Journal’s Red Sox coverage is one hundred million times better anyway. Go read that instead. You’ll have a happier season if you don’t listen to Chicken Little.