The Tam v Beacon Hill Pub [Shite Sixteen Round 2]

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We continue into our second round of the Shite Sixteen. In these match-ups, opposing writers will be telling us why the other bar doesn’t deserve dive status. Vote for the bar, regardless of its flaws, that you think should move ahead. Polls close at 11 p.m.

Today’s Round 2 matchup: The Tam v Beacon Hill Pub

The Tam (as argued by Jarret): While a solid competitor, The Tam shall fall to Beacon Hill Pub. Just because The Tam is the last choice among audiences to pregame The Nutcracker doesn’t mean it’s Boston’s best dive. True, this bar recalls a time when, not many years ago, the corner of Stuart and Tremont streets was the last in the city you’d place a Panera and W Hotel. The Tam keeps it close against BHP: its Combat Zone lineage and fantastic marquee (Michelob?!) launched it into the Elite 8. It’s unpredictable patronage and general rowdiness prevent it from moving further.

Beacon Hill Pub (as argued by Dave): Manifest dive-bar destiny at its finest, Beacon Hill Pub set out to become a late 20s version of every college bar ever. In it’s non-descript, completely intentional efforts to fulfill every dive stereotype, BHP almost tries too hard to be a dive, which in and of itself is a counter-argument. Trying to be a dive is like giving yourself your own nickname, and that’s why it doesn’t stand a chance against downtown’s true dive if we really look at the bottom line of it all.

Shite Sixteen Round 2

  • (4) Beacon Hill Pub (54%, 31 Votes)
  • (1) The Tam (47%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 57

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