Wegmans is coming!

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It’s official. Wegmans is coming to Boston-proper. I cannot contain my excitement.

Wegmans Dulles

I was ecstatic when Wegmans opened its first Mass. store in Northborough in 2011 — and believe me, this store is worth the journey — and more excited when plans for a Chestnut Hill store were confirmed, but a Wegmans IN Boston?! This makes my life here just about complete.

As a product of upstate New York, but not exactly a fan of the area, Wegmans has more or less been my Mecca. It’s quite possibly the only reason I journey six hours west on I-90 once or twice a year to go home. (Other than my family, but frankly, I’d rather they come here or we meet in the middle — where most of my extended family lives in an area devastatingly void of Wegmans.) 

Now my life has come full-circle and my favorite grocery store/food heaven has come to me. It just can’t open soon enough.

For those of you that have never experienced Wegmans and do not understand my seemingly irrational love for a supermarket, do yourself a favor and make a pilgrimage to Northborough to experience the glory of Wegmans firsthand. Then you’ll be just as excited as I am.