Hong Kong v The Silhouette Lounge [Shite Sixteen]

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We continue into our second round of the Shite Sixteen. In these match-ups, opposing writers will be telling us why the other bar doesn’t deserve dive status. Vote for the bar, regardless of its flaws, that you think should move ahead. Polls close at 11 p.m.

Today’s Round 2 matchup: Hong Kong v The Silhouette Lounge

The Silhouette Lounge (as argued by Casey): Dive Bar or “Cocktail Lounge?” No kidding, the sign says cocktail lounge. FAIL. And with corner store-front, pretty-damn-near floor to ceiling windows, we think the dark, dingy, fake windows of Hong Kong are far more divey. From Silhouette, you can take in the full, hipster invasion that is Allston – both from the inside and the out. There’s got to be some sort of rule where if hipsters think its cool, it loses quality dive bar status for the rest of us. (Or is that itself a line of hipsterdom we’ve crossed?) You can also get cheap PBR pretty much anywhere in the city – give us test tube shots and bowls of booze to the tune of drunken collegiate merriment any day.

Hong Kong (as argued by Dan F.): Full disclosure: I have never been to Hong Kong. This in itself is not a judgment of the place – in fact, there are millions of bars I’ve never been to, and I hear that some of them are great. My lack of personal experience does, however, explain why my attack on the “diveyness” of Hong Kong is entirely made up of reviews from the bar’s Yelp page and my subsequent commentary:

Peter P. (3 stars) declares “Bathroom . . . sucks so bad there was an attendant directing traffic in and out.” The management of a true dive bar has never put this much thought into its restroom situation. 

Paul M. (3 stars) concedes: “Good for partying but you probably need to a) be already pretty drunk and b) not concerned about waking up the next morning $150 poorer…” . . . but I AM concerned about that!

Kira N. (2 stars) informs: “I checked my coat for $2 because I didn’t feel like carrying it.” A coat check? What is this, the Capital Grille? On the back of my chair, tossed into a pile in the corner, or tied around my waist 90’s-Mom-style will do for my coat. 

Ken S. (5 stars) proclaims: “Blackout Central!!” Too mainstream.

Michael M. (4 stars) heralds: “The only reason why it loses a star is because many of my friends will not come with me, due to the bar being cramped and its low-class clientele.” (Emphasis mine.)

Shite Sixteen Round 2

  • (2) Silhouette Lounge (53%, 18 Votes)
  • (3) Hong Kong (47%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 34

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