We Love Weekends – March 29-31

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Weekend lovers: have you voted on the final round of our Shite Sixteen, the mad shootout for Boston’s best dive bar? Mary Ann’s versus Punter’s Pub. It’s Northeastern versus BC. The E Line versus the C (and D) Line. Pizza-through-window versus Pino’s.

But wait, let’s say you’re looking for something else on Easter Weekend? Our authors dish on their weekend plans and give some ideas.

Alex: Friday night little sis and I will make the trek on probably the only weekend I will allow myself to drive to the Cape. Mom and Dad are up this weekend to spend Easter with my sister and I, but first we are finally painting my Uncle’s house.   Sunday will be spent vying for the crown of best egg dyer with with my little sister.  Yes we are 20 and 25… so what… nothing says the holidays like a friendly competition.

Jarret: Tonight my friends are debuting their new musical project The Beat Drops at The Middle East Upstairs. The in-sound from the way-out, as the Boys say. This will culminate a wonderful day of installing dryer vents: the joys of adulthood. Or, is it adulthood if you look up a “How To” on YouTube? Tomorrow I am performing a dueling piano show for New Hampshirites at Boynton’s Taproom in Manchester. Last week’s show included, per audience request, “Whipping Post,” “My Way” and a heckuva lot of Beach Boys. Come request songs and drink beers. HOORAY BEER.

Dan F: This Friday promises to be pretty Good indeed, as I’m heading over to March Sadness disappointment Sissy K’s to see an old friend. Then, it’s a retreat to the North Shore for the weekend, hosting my high school friends (at my parents’ house) for our annual Easter Eve Cocktail Party; I’m considering making these, but will more likely go with Tequila Sunrises, as I hear Jesus was an early riser. On Sunday my cousins and I will be preparing a feast for my family, including all the Italian Easter classics like home-made linguini and chicken cutlets. Buona Pasqua!

Dave: I’m running around the left side of the country this week, so my promise to you is to bring back some spring weather to make next weekend awesome.