Justin Vernon Has a New Band?

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Hey remember the guy with the beard, who swooned us all with melodic, soothing Febreze for our ears last September at the BOA Pavilion? That guy Justin Vernon, from the band Bon Iver [bone-ee-VARE]? Well apparently he’s trying to fly under the radar by releasing one of the top blues rock albums of the year so far.

It took Vernon’s new band, The Shouting Matches, thirty-six minutes to do what Ben Harper has tried to do for over ten years and like three different bands; taking badass nostalgic rock and put a modern feel like: The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr and I’ll even throw in Wilco as well, just because. He sounds like Elvis Costello’s offspring coupled with the Heartless Bastards fuzzed out raging rock sound, which makes Grownass Man a beautiful love child of vintage rock. ‘I Need a Change’ is just about the only track that you can tell its Vernon, adding some of that swoon, but that’s a welcomed intersect to a fantastic album.

You can buy here or stream for free here.

PS: NPR…Tom Petty?