Help Us Find A Coachella Live Stream Party in Boston

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For us cube and office dwellers, today is a good day to imagine being on a 80 degree polo ground, surrounded by palm trees and mountains.  Well today Coachella is continuing the modern trend of streaming live sets across everyone’s favorite video platform, youtube. 

This is a great opportunity to throw your own living room party with friends, using an HDMI and AUX cables. We can peak into the Festi scene, without the patchouli and port-o-potties.  But wouldn’t it be great if we had a bar (with a projection screen) and a bunch of like minded “indie loving”, music fans take over a bar?

So having said that, do we have any Beantown bars (with a projection screen) looking to have a bunch of laid back people come hang out, drink, eat, and watch a live concert?

Tweet or comment some suggestions!

PS: New favorite band tomorrow 7:15pm (EDT)/ 4:15 (PDT)