We Love Weekends – April 12-14

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Boston Marathon Finish Line

Marathon Weekend. Can you taste it? The forecast is looking good (thankfully, for the runners), and our authors are gearing up for the long weekend. From BBQs to midnight bike rides to cheering along Beacon St: get ready for the best weekend of the year.

Natty: Patriot’s Day Weekend in Boston is probably better than Christmas. The weather is supposed to be excellent, so the gal and I are planning a run around the Reservoir on Saturday followed by a little Red Sox viewing. Sunday, we’ll lay low in preparation for the best day of the year–Marathon Monday. We’ll start the day at our apartment with mimosas and a small gathering of friends while we watch the initial race coverage, flip over to the Sox at 11:00, and then head down to my buddy’s place on Beacon Street in Brookline to view the event live. The most recent WBZ weather forecast has Monday at sunny and 60 degrees. Merry Marathon Monday, and happy Spring!

Alex: Long weekends… nothing better. I only wish I didn’t need to take a vacation day to partake in this glorious holiday of the Red Sox, Beer, and Running. The only running I will be doing is trying to cross Beacon Street. My friends and I live on opposite sides of this thoroughfare… this is the scene from last year:
Boston Marathon 2012

I basically had to walk 26.2 miles just so I could find a cop that would let me cross so I could get home. This year I am preparing by heading to my friend’s place early in the morning for breakfast goodness followed by meeting a group of friends at Jimmy’s in Washington Sqaure, a perfect viewing location to cheer my friend Bryan Lyons who runs with Team Hoyt. The Hoyt Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in 1989 that aspires to build the “individual character, self-confidence and self-esteem of America’s disabled young people”. As of April 2012, the Father-Son duo of Team Hoyt has participated in 1077 total events!

Dave: You all should know that this is by far my absolute favorite weekend of the year. I say, without doubt, that I would take any awful winter for a perfect Marathon Monday weekend like (hopefully) we’ll have this year. I’ll spend Saturday volunteering as a part of BC’s National Day of Service after a nice run out Beacon St – a reverse look at some of Monday’s course. Sunday, I’ll get out for the BAA 5K before brunch with the fam. Then Monday, it’s Fenway Park, Red Sox and cheering a good friend who is on his own 26.2 mile jaunt. Better soak it up this year – next year, I’m looking to run it.
Red Sox Home Opener

Jarret: On Sunday, April 15, 2012, I received a text message at 10:45 pm: “Hey I’m riding the marathon course at midnight on bike!” Alas, I was already asleep. Not this year. In 2013, the lame shall rise and the sleeping shall wake. Join, my friends, in the Midnight Marathon, and ride 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Copley Square at Midnight, Marathon Monday. It’s the end to the weekend, yet a whole new beginning.

Note, the train is sold out. Take a taxi or get dropped off at the starting line at 11:30 pm Sunday.

Drea: My favorite weekend of the year – and the annual commemoration of the day I met my fiancé – as he was running the marathon! This year will be different. I am horrified to tell you I am missing the world’s best holiday for work as I’m flying to LA Monday morning. So between now and then I’ll have to make the most of it. Tonight, we plan to have Shake Shack delivered to the office (thank you, TaskRabbit!) for our usual Friday night work dinner. Saturday, I’m hosting a small networking event for ladies through Wonder Women of Boston before heading out to see the finish line and feel a part of the madness. Sunday is for dreamers and lovers.

Boston Marathon 2012

Casey: Dear Boston, soon, so soon, I will be all yours again on weekends. Not yet though! This weekend I’m not headed to Vermont, but rather down to party it up with our brethren in DC! Apparently, they’ve got these cherry blossoms going on? I’ll be kicking off wedding season with the marriage of two dear friends <cue Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers>. Sidebar: There is no brown liquor at their wedding – whaaat?! How is that possible, you say? We’re going armed with flasks and a reserve of bourbon at the hotel, but just in case, DC-folk, what’s a good whiskey joint? I’m hoping to make a stop at Kramer Books & afterwords for that southwest omelette that’s to die for, and am looking forward to hauling my winterized rump around the Mall. Don’t worry, I’ll be back for the annual awesomeness that is Marathon Monday and I’m just hoping I make it through the day without re-stealing Dave’s Batman triology again.