Explosions Rock Marathon Finish Line – UPDATED 5 PM

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Source: WCVB Channel 5 News

Photo credit: WCVB Channel 5 News

Two explosions were set off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon around 2:50 PM. Boston Marathon officials have confirmed via Twitter that these explosions were caused by the detonation of two bombs on the scene. Many sources allege that these were home-made devices. Boston Police report that two are dead and 22 have been injured.

A third explosion occurred at approximately 3:55. Sources report that this was a controlled explosion of a suspicious device located across the street from the Boston Public Library.

Boston Police are urging all spectators and runners to leave the Copley Square area. The Mass Ave bridge has been closed, and both Washington Square and Coolidge Corner have been evacuated. The Green Line will be closed between Kenmore and Park Street, and the B and C Lines will remain closed. Logan Airport remains open, with some flight restrictions.

Cell phones in the area have been reported to be non-functional. Boston Fire Department officials has ordered its firefighters to turn off their phones, reports @universalhub.

MEMA updates confirm that texting is the best way to reach anyone in the area. To report a missing loved one or to register yourself as safe, please visit redcross.org/safeandwell or call 1-800-REDCROSS.

UPDATE @ 5PM At a press conference held at 4:50 PM, a BPD official urged all persons in the area to return to their homes or their hotel rooms and to avoid congregating in large groups. He also confirmed that a third incident at the JFK Library may be connected to the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line. He would not confirm if this was a terrorist attack.

7 News reports that the FAA has ordered a cease on all departures from Logan Airport.