The Sun Rises on Boston Tomorrow

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Boston sunrise

The curvy geography of Boston’s face is astounding in many ways. Among other things, you can always find a perspective that gives you a chance to breathe in both the ocean and the city itself. Even better, you can see so much of the town while looking out to the east, watching the sun rise over this magnificent city.

Look to those points, because at 6:01 a.m., the sun will rise tomorrow.

There’s a weird feeling on the streets tonight. People walking dogs as helicopters still circle overhead. The shadow of the Pru is still there, and the light casts strong on all sides of the city, but know that it comes with a little bit of a different shade. The same lights are there – from the dome of Beacon Hill to the bridges of the Charles, from the Citgo sign to Castle Island, to the busy street that will once again be ready for traffic by the store fronts that saw today’s tragedy. It’s just that we need it to be ok, for them to light our way.

I love an early morning run around Brookline, back toward Kenmore. When you cross over the Pike, right before getting to the square, the city looks almost golden in the morning.

It will just hours from now, too. You will not take that from me, from us.

Boston is a tough city, and the sun rises on it tomorrow.