TUGG Fundraiser Donations Matched by Venture Firms

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You may have heard of TUGG, Technology Underwriting Greater Good, through their South End wine events or their annual Tech Gives Back day of service. TUGG is again helping the greater good of Boston following Monday’s bombing. TUGG has organized a fundraiser in which 100% of the proceeds will benefit victims of the attacks. The destination of raised funds is unclear at the moment, but TUGG has a long record of good repute.

In particular, Boston area-based Dan Primack and Katie Benner of the Term Sheet newsletter and Fortune Magazine have channeled donations from the financial community to great affect over the last 24 hours. Data Collective, Bulger Partners, and now Flybridge Capital Partners, whose offices are located on a closed portion of Boylston Street, are matching donations above $50 up to a total of $5000. Donate with the firms’ match through the Term Sheet.