I’m Going To Talk About a New Restaurant

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That’s it.

I’ve seen the photos and clips released by the FBI, read through minute-by-minute analysis by Redditors, glued to social media, searched for what those hats may be.

And I’m done. I’m ready to think about living in my city and neighborhood again. I need to.

So I’m going to talk about a new restaurant.

Today marks a pretty monumental day in the long change over of the Columbus Cafe as it becomes Five Horses South. Tracking it every day, work has been slow (they’ve been moving the kitchen to the base and connecting the two sides of the former space into one dining room/bar area). Well, the last piece of evidence that Columbus Cafe existed is gone: the window that had its name etched in the side (below) was replaced by plywood sometime on Thursday.

Columbus Cafe, Empty Patio

Hopefully this is a sign of development and a soon-to-be-opening in the South End – I could use a friendly local out my front door right now.