Techies Rock Boston: Startups Band Together For Marathon Victims

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If there is one thing we learned this week, it is that when Boston faces adversity it comes together as a community like nowhere else in the world. Really, what other city, when faced with gun battles in the streets and bombings at sporting events, will shut down the entire metropolis and find the guys that did it?

Boston, strong.

This mindset is peculiar to Boston. When a problem is presented in front of its citizens, they will band together and solve it. This is not New York where people always seem to be going in their own directions or San Francisco with its individualistic dreamers and doers. This is Boston, a place where challenges are presented, solutions are proffered and it is done together with a determination that few places on earth can match.

These attributes extend to the startups of Boston. Like no other startup enclave in the United States, Boston startups share a profound sense of community and togetherness. We talk a lot about startup “communities” and a shared sense of comradeship when comparing the likes of San Francisco, New York, Boulder, Austin or Seattle but many times it feels like a hollow word. Community is something that startup enclaves are supposed to have, so they scream to the ether that they have it.

Boston startups actually live it.

Boston startup employees mingle at Durty Nellies.

Boston startup employees mingle at Durty Nellies.

Now, that is not to denigrate the charitable activities of places like New York and San Francisco. New York startups came together in a big way after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in December in Connecticut and after Hurricane Sandy. San Francisco Rocks and other charitable events bring together many startups in the Bay Area.

It is different in Boston. These are people that like each other, live with each other, pull for one another. The ultra-competitiveness of San Francisco where startups throw parties to see what high profile journalists and VCs will attend is not present. Almost all the VCs in Boston attend almost all the parties and meetings. You know the biggest holiday party in the Boston startup ecosystem? It is the one that the startups throw together. This last year there was several thousand dollars left over from the party and the Boston startups involved decided to donate it to the United Way of Western Connecticut to help the families affected by the tragic shootings in Newtown.

Boston. Strong.

That sense of charity is alive and well after the drama that unfolded this week surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings. A group of Boston startups is holding an event this Sunday with all proceeds going to the One Fund, the charity to benefit victims and families of the bombing. Dubbed “Techies Rock For Boston” the event will feature musical performances by several talented performers that work in Boston startups including Andrew Nalband of Ubersense, Kelly Rice of Kinvey, Dave Bisceglia of The Tap Lab, Chris Howard of Libboo, Julian Weisser of Bundio and Ben Mirin of VentureFizz and Ryan Light of CoachUp.

A host of Boston startups will be attending and helping to raise money. The list includes: CoachUp, Ubersense, Localytics, The Tap Lab, BostInno, TechStars, Kinvey, WeLoveBeantown, MarketMeSuite, ViralGains, Directr, Fitgiver, Evertrue,, Yesware, Helpscout, StarStreet, Mass Challenge, Libboo, Crave Labs, Promoboxx, Crowdly, Bundio and Boundless Learning.
Here are the details of the event:

• Location: Hennessy’s – 25 Union Street, Boston, Masssachusetts 02108
• Time: Sunday, April 21 – 7:30 p.m. until 2:00 a.m.
• Suggested Donation: $10 at the door.

The event will also feature raffles, music, t-shirts for sale and a portion of the proceeds from the bar and tips going to the One Fund.

This has been a very trying week for the City of Boston. Join the Boston startup community at Hennessy’s on Sunday night to help the families of the victims, let loose a little and get to know what it really means to be …


Top photo: Cambridge Fire Department hazardous materials team descend on suspect’s house near Inman Square on Friday afternoon (Dan Rowinski)

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