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Something very cool happened yesterday.

Red Cross blood drive

I gave tried to give blood with one of my coworkers in Andover, and it was so busy that they had to turn away walk-in donations.

I think it is awesome that the Boston-Strong-Pride has extended to Greater Boston and people are not forgetting to continuously do their part. As Dan noted before: thanks to the overwhelming response in the last [days], the Red Cross reports that their current supplies here in Boston are sufficient, but have also noted that “donations historically drop as the summer months approach, so now would be a great time to schedule a donation to help ensure there is enough blood available this summer.”

So here is my story…

I tried to do my part… I have tried many times since high school (which was the only time I successfully donated). Since I was 17, I never qualified because of a low iron count.  This time I was ready. I slugged back glass after glass of water, ate a hearty dinner of chicken and chorizo risotto the night before, and had a full breakfast and lunch before arriving at the donation center.

I passed the anemic blood test, according to the nurse, with flying colors!!

I was excited to do my part… and then this happened:


Apparently I bruised so bad that it prevented me from giving blood.  Great. Welcome to the world of being a redhead.

If you are like me, still try to give blood.  If you ever are able to accomplish donating, you will save 3 lives.  That is pretty cool.

Go here and sign up. Since the outpouring for support in the Boston Area has been so great, as I mentioned before, they are literally turning away walk-ins!