Song of the Day: “Good Day Sunshine”

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good day sunshine

I sing to myself as I bike through the city. I like to think it’s good exercise to do this pedaling the hills between Jamaica Plain and Brookline– both for respiration and the testing of my lyrical acumen. It also might frighten away any cars that bunch up toward the front of an intersection.

It’s a beautiful week, and I feel good in a special way. Paul McCartney’s “Good Day Sunshine” popped into my head and out of my face during yesterday’s commute. It’s featured here as Song of the Day for the first day of May. Sure, you can listen to the classic version that kicks off Side 2 of Revolver. But I’ll bet you have heard that one. Instead, since The Muppets are making the rounds on the internet in the last week, I had to pick up the standard and present Fozzie Bear’s Beatles-Sinatra mashup.