Sticky, Sweaty, and Loud: Titus Andronicus Recap

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My paper wrist band, twisted from my unsuccessful attempt to remove it. My arm, sticky from the beer someone spilled on me, while catching a crowd surfing band member. My head, hurts. But that’s OK, I knew what I was getting myself into, so I’ll get over my pain as I look back and highlight the Titus Andronicus show Monday night.

Who: Titus Andronicus (Just making sure you’re paying attention)

What: A punk rock show. Now this is a more melodic side of punk rock, with slower ballads in the mix, but let’s not kid ourselves. People go to this show to jump up and down.  It’s supposed to be loud, check. It’s supposed to be packed, check. And therefore sweaty, check and mate.

When: Monday, April 29.

Where: Middle East Downstairs. This was a welcomed change of scenery from their last show at The Sinclair.  Nothing against The Sinclair, I love The Sinclair, but for a band that prides themselves on connecting with the audience, and not just running through their list of new songs, this venue was perfect for them. Not to mention, the wood floors were probably more forgiving than the concrete for those crowd surfing teens.

Why:  Billy Bragg’s – To Have and To Have Not.  A massive cap to the night, Titus brought out opening act, The So-So Glos to tackle this song, and killed it. That’s why you go to shows.

Other, context-free notes I wrote down that should be taken as context-free notes:

-Jack on the harmonica. This was an older gentlemen who housed the band and came on stage for a song, I hope I rock as much as Jack when I’m his age.

-Shea Stadium band? During the summer of 2009, the So So Glos teamed up with Adam Reich to establish an all-ages performance space/recording studio in Brooklyn called Shea Stadium. (Wikipedia is a wonderful thing)

-ACDC tease. Ahh yes, I do remember the 30 second “Back in Black” sound check

-No Sleep Til Brooklyn cover. Confirmed. That happend.

Now, that’s what I call a successful night of Punk Rock.

PS: My head still hurts