Thank You Seguin? Bs and Leafs Set to Go 7

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Yup. That happened. Our friendly neighbors to the north, have flipped our sarcastic chant and pushed the B’s to the brink in this race to Stanley’s Cup.

The Bruins have struggled all year closing out games and with the series being so tightly contested, this really isn’t that much of a shock. What is a shock, is how Kessel has stepped up and Seguin has not. Statistically, Seguin has dominated the Leafs and Kessel has struggled versus the Bruins in regular season games. Now we see the opposite, accompanied by some grit from a “soft” player in Kessel.

So after blowing two mulligans the B’s finally have to show a sense of urgency and end this. They need to come out of the gate flying and keep the foot to the floor the entire 60 minutes. There’s no need to wait here.

Do that and hopefully we can continue to thank the Maple Leaf organization for the bounty that keeps on giving because I’m not even close to being ready for this season to be over.