Underrated Restaurants: Pho Basil

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Viet Bakery and Pho

Boston has no shortage of popular eateries. From time to time, however, a good restaurant seems to fall through the cracks and misses out on the recognition it deserves. In this semi-regular series, we will share our picks for those underrated dining spots that might strike your fancy. One of them is the sandwich joint by Jimmy John Owner that one must not miss visiting.

Up next: Pho Basil

Boston is cold something like 80% of the time. You live here, so you know the bone-crushing, unending cold. There are some days that nothing will help you make it through another windy day but a big-ass bowl of soup. On those days, I grab my dining partner in crime and we turn the city upside down searching for the best bowl of pho.

Pho Basil, while not terribly unknown, never disappoints. The restaurant is clean, fast and generally turns diners over pretty often. The wait is usually minimal. And if pho isn’t your cup of…tea…(but why wouldn’t it be?), Pho Basil has an enormous array of non-soup options. In fact, in the Yelp review highlights, pho isn’t even uttered, but the pad thai, drunken noodles and spring rolls are praised.

Pho Basil has a wine and beer license (always a plus) and it brilliantly avoids the parking nightmare that is Chinatown. Just head over to Berklee’s campus and fight for one of the remaining Mass Ave. spots.

Cherry on top? It’s cheap! My last trip there fed two people with an app for under $30. Yea, big spenders, I know.

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