We Love Weekends – May 17 – 19

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Beer Counter, Harpoon Octoberfest

The last weekend before Memorial Day is a full one. Here’s where we’ll be.

Natty: I just got hit with a MAJOR car repair bill–damn you, power steering rack!–so I’ll be protecting the wallet and taking it easy this weekend. Friday night, I’ll stay local and have a drink or two with friends somewhere in Washington Square–most likely The Abbey.Saturday morning, I’ll hit the gym, watch some Sox, and then I’m heading to see the new Star Trek movie–nerd alert!!–with the gal.Sunday, I’ll head to beautiful Horseneck Beach in Westport, MA to visit the pops and volunteer some time at the Community Garden atWestport Town Farm. It’ll be a good–and cheap–weekend!

Dave: A bit of a self-imposed long weekend for me before the summer-starts-long-weekend, I’ll be taking the advantage of the extra day to enjoy town with a visiting friend. Saturday morning will be breakfast on Newbury St, not quite sure where yet, and then will hit up Newton later in the day. On Sunday, it’s time to rise and shine and take on the Harpoon Five Miler before the super-secret-runners version of Harpoon Fest followed by Bruins watching in town. Monday, I’ll actually be throwing on my own academic regalia and processing in the BC Commencement as part of my Alumni duties. I’m excited except for the Syracuse colors I’ll be wearing on the Alumni Stadium field (I’ll make it up with a BC bow tie).

George Washington, the Bruins Fan

Alex: The first week at my new job has been awesome…ending with Beer Friday. Apparently every week the office cracks open some brews around 3 or 4 for happy hour(s). Saturday, I am volunteering at an elementary school in Jamaica Plain with work to spruce up the property, followed by dinner and drinks. Sunday, my parents will be up to move my sister out of her dorm room and into her “big kid off campus” digs for the summer, so most likely I will be schlepping a futon, mini-fridge, and boxes of Mac and cheese to close out the weekend… Hopefully I get a dinner out of it 😉

Andrew: Friday: Music, marketing, beer and pretzels? Sold.Saturday: The Ringhas some great group classes Saturday afternoon. It’s also a great excuse to post this video. Then a BBBQ birthday party. Sunday: Bruins. Enjoy it people!

Busy Buttery Sunday

Drea: Picking up a fancy bottle of booze tonight as I head to a housewarming party in Back Bay. Tomorrow, I’ll scoot around the city, running last-minute wedding errands in Newton and Natick. Then I’ll head to Canton to people watch at the CrossFit Regionalscompetition.  Saturday night, I’m dreaming of a delicious dinner in town, maybe at Island Creek Oyster Bar, maybe at The Buttery, maybe at Area Four – so many choices! I’m pondering a jaunt up to Portland on Sunday before heading to my sister’s in Harvard for some quality family time.

Jarret: It’s commencement weekend, and I’m totally going to crash all the best speakers’ ceremonies (and hopefully be able to exit before the long list of names is called…) Some highlights? I’ll go to UMass Lowell on Saturday to see the well-spoken and cool-under-pressure Ed Davis, Boston Police Commish. Boston University hosts Teach for America CEO Wendy Kopp Sunday morning, and hopefully I’ll be able to pair that with a trip to Curry College to see Kenneth Feinberg, an attorney with a particular specialization in managing the payouts of compensation funds, including the September 11th and BP Deepwater Horizon fund and, most recently, One Fund Boston.