Brighton Gets Classy

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Get ready for a pampering, Brighton.

Brighton Gourmet and Cellar

Last Fall, when I moved to Oak Square in Brighton, a nasty, basically condemned, bookshop closed its doors.  The place sat empty for a month or so until this sign appeared above the door.

My roommate and fellow Beantown writer Dan and I were smitten in culinary love.

Dan immediate envisioned all the fancy cheeses and sauces we could sample and pair perfectly with specialty wines. We would host dinner parties and become regulars at this establishment. Every day and month that passed we became more and more excited for the completed renovation of the weird bookstore.

White paper covered the windows, making it impossible to catch a glimpse of the construction.

But then, tragedy occurred…someone removed the sign.

We lost hope.

We were dismayed that our plans of gourmet olive oils and farm fresh delicacies were squashed and I’m not talking about summer squash pasta.

The construction permit was still posted… so we were still optimistic….

Fast forward to last week…

Brighton CellarTerrible photo I know… sorry…

All of the paper masking the windows was gone, unveiling dozen and dozens of wine racks. The hardwood floors have been re-stained, and several refrigerated cases have been installed along the back wall. Can’t wait till they are filled with wine!

The are going to be running a specialty food store there! It’s going to be great. I talked to the owner and we had a very interesting conversation. He mentioned that cacao is a health food, and that it goes great with wine, which I didn’t know. He will be holding different type of food and wine tasting and that’s going to be one of them, he told me. I’m definitely going to attend the chocolate one, that’s for sure.

The specialty food and spirits store is locally owned and family run by a brother and sister team. Victor and Rita  have become very invested in the Brighton neighborhood and small business community. The best part, the Brighton Gourmet and Cellar will be offering weekly food and wine tasting and food and beer tastings!

I’ll keep you guys updated on the status of the new Brighton Gourmet and Cellar!!