Opening Number: Chapter 4, Section 7, Clause 18

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To the definitions of statues in the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – also known as Chapter 4, Section 7. We head straight to clause 18:

“Legal holiday” shall include January first, July fourth, November eleventh, and Christmas Day, or the day following when any of said days occurs on Sunday, and the third Monday in January, the third Monday in February, the third Monday in April, the last Monday in May, the first Monday in September, the second Monday in October, and Thanksgiving Day.

Why am I boring you with a civics lesson to tell you something you already know (that this is a long weekend)? It’s because of a very important PSA:

Memorial Day, in addition to being a “Legal holiday” by definition in Commonwealth is also one of three holidays during the year during which all liquor stores in the state must be closed (the other two are Thanksgiving and Christmas). This means that if you need beer for that cookout on Monday? You best be getting it Saturday or Sunday.