Song of the Day: “Waking Season”

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A bench with a view

This post may be going up the morning that kicks off Memorial Day Weekend, but you need some atmosphere. You need memories of the night before, or the night to come. How the wind on Congress Street feels coming off the Harbor, and the last hints of the sun disappear behind the new convention center and construction cranes.

Caspian, one of two local bands playing at this weekend’s Boston Calling (the other is Bad Rabbits) produces the type of music for the Boston summer twilight. It’s dark and heavy- you can hear Tool’s influence and some of Radiohead’s more abstract work, specifically that of Jonny Greenwood. I considered name dropping Brian Eno here as well, but I’m not that cool.

If you’re attending Boston Calling, Caspian kicks off the Sunday performances at 1:30 pm, though you’ll want to revisit their title track of the new album “Waking Season” later that night in a rocked out haze.

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