We Love Weekends – Memorial Day 2013

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Single Bouquet at Boylston

A long weekend to get things going right into the summer. Here’s what’s what with our authors this Memorial Day.

Sarah: Tonight is girls night out, and me and my ladies are going to indulge in all the tapas and sangria our little hearts desire at the latest Brookline hotspot Barcelona Wine Bar. This Memorial Day weekend is looking like it’s going to be a classically New England Spring weekend — wet and cold. But that won’t stop me from standing on Boylston Street Saturday morning at 10:00 to scream my face off for all those who never got to finish this year’s Boston Marathon at #Onerun. Just like Dave, I’ll try to keep the shenanigans to a minimum as I’ll also be running the Run to Remember 5-miler. Good luck to all the other runners!

Dave: I’m hoping the rain stays away a little this Friday so I can get the holiday weekend started with a little errand-running before packing it in early since tomorrow stands to be nuts: a long day of Boston CallingRed Sox and Bruins awaits on Saturday. I shouldn’t get too crazy, though, as that 7:15 a.m. start time for Sunday’s 5 miler at the Run to Remember is going to be ROUGH. Monday is barbecue day, but you already know that since you’re already picking up the necessary supplies.

Swan Boats on the 4th

Andrew: Friday, my band is playing a show up in Gloucester, MA. All you NoSho people should swing by! Saturday is Bruins/BBQ, BBQ/Bruins some sort of inversion. Cap it off Sunday at the Boston Calling Music Festival. On a more serious note I do want to take this opportunity to thank all the Men and Women who do an unbelievable job protecting our freedom all over the world. One of the most moving moments of my trip to DC a few weeks back, was witnessing the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. If you or a business you know are interested in hiring veterans to support the Made in America ecosystem please check here.

Drea: Tonight we’ll try to find our new neighborhood joint and stock up on supplies for tomorrow. Saturday is my final dress fitting (what, what!) then my co-workers are coming over before we head to Boston Calling! Sunday, I’ll hide from the rain and watch The Stories We Tell and prep, prep, prep for our upcoming wedding/trip to Hawaii. Monday is, uh, a work day for me. Wah, wah…..

Boston 4th of July 2012

Jarret: The music opportunities this weekend are ridiculous. You might be going to Boston Calling Saturday or Sunday (or both, why not?). Or you might just camp out at The Kinsale and hear the echoes of Fun. bounce off the Kennedy Federal Building. If you seek something lower cost but just as awesome: head north of the river. Jugghead, the folkie, rock-y, and tuneful group of music scene mainstays bring their song cycles of love’s labors lost to Toad in Porter Square. Then take a ride over to Union Square to Radio and check out the album release show for The Interrobang: guitar-heavy, melodic, driven rock with clever, acerbic lyrics. Sunday and Mondayyou get to just play Tom Petty on repeat during the barbecue. What could be better?

Alex: I think I am the queen of not planning weekends and mastering the art of relaxation. Saturday I am going to take advantage of the crummy weather and spend some time inside. The MFA is free to the public all weekend, can’t wait to see the To Boston With Love Quilt exhibit. After I get my dose of culture in, I will be heading to see Fast and the Furious 6… yes…6 glorious movies in this series DO exist! Sunday I’m heading to SOWA for some vintage scrounging and food truck love. Monday I will be checking out a “Pilates on steroids” class with friends in Newton.  It is only $10 for first time clients, if you use the coupon code BostonB it is only $5! Can’t beat that.