Song of the Day: “Mama Kin”

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“We’re not worthy.”

This Thursday’s Boston Strong concert, benefiting One Fund, has no shortage of talent. The Globe‘s James Reed posted a great piece earlier this week on how the concert came together, and, when you stop and think, it’s an amazing operational feat to produce such a thing, the worthy cause not withstanding.

Among the many stars taking the stage are Boston natives Aerosmith and, while I doubt they’ll play “Mama Kin” Thursday, today’s song of the day honors the deep cuts of this great band and we can leave “Sweet Emotion” for the compilations. Or read last week’s report of Steven Tyler remarking Singapore women are “delicious” and…well. Even if tongue-in-cheek, what did you expect?

Crank it in the car, feel good to be alive, and wake up with a very young-sounding Steven Tyler.