Break Out Those Legwarmers for City Sports’ 10k

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Oh, the 1980’s…where would we be today without the neon spandex, Sony Walkmans, skinny Oprah, and the puzzling Rubiks cube? If you’re a nostalgic 80’s baby like me and are looking to run some fun races in Boston this summer, you’re in luck!

City Sports is holding their own 80’s nostalgia party with the Back in The Day 10k race. The 21+ race is being held June 30th in Somerville’s Davis Square, and will feature a costume contest and a post-race party. To be eligible for the prize of a $300 shopping spree to City Sports, costumes must represent the best of the 80’s and showcase the runner’s ability to party like it’s 1983. I envision lots of bare leg, neon spandex, and belly shirts – and that’s just on the guys!

The field is limited so register today! This is definitely a race you’ll want to spectate. It might give the Santa Speedo race a run for its money.

Somerville Theatre