Opening Number: 287 Days

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Sunset Over the Green Monster

Sunday Night Baseball is technically the best part of the MLB weekend schedule. It’s reserved for the most contested match-up, long-standing rivalries and/or other sexy match-ups that may come along as the season dictates. Like Sunday Night Football, there is no other game against it – it stands alone as a spotlight.

ESPN, who gets a good say in the matter since they air the game, aims for the best possible combination, so it doesn’t determine the entire schedule at the beginning of the year. It usually gets the first two months out of the way, then starts flexing games in after a bit of the season has started to shake down. Moral of the story, if you start performing poorly, you don’t get the spotlight.

Which is why it’s been almost a full year since the Red Sox have appeared on the Sunday night Showcase, last appearing in a contest with the Yankees on August 19, 2012 – 287 days to be exact between that game and Sunday’s evening spotlight when the Sox face off against the Yanks in a battle for first place (!) in the AL East this weekend. Yes, it’s June, and the Sox are in a battle for first place. I didn’t expect this either. This game was a pre-season Sunday night game, which is a nice little treat from ESPN, who added the night game part of the way into the season.

Hey, I’m not complaining, but spoiler alert, Monday’s opening number may very well be the number of hours past 4 that this game takes.