We Love Weekends – May 31 to June 2

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Frog Pond Cool Down

Reunions, heat and trapezes  That’s what this weekend looks to be about. Here’s where to find your trusty WLBT authors.

Natty: Ut oh. It’s 5-year Reunion weekend. I’m 50% excited and 50% terrified of what is about to happen to me. I’ll start off the weekend by meeting up with the old roommates at Roggie’s for happy hour. Terrible idea. Post-Budzillas, we’ll head to Mary Ann’s–the bar that the readers of We Love Beantown voted Boston’s best dive bar–for a wonderful cash only experience. Terrible idea. I’ll wake up on Saturday–hopefully–and will head out to play some golf in Brookline before joining my fellow BC ’08ers for a party in the Mods. Terrible idea. Sunday, I will sleep for a long, long, long time. 27-year-old Natty is going to act like 21-year-old Natty. Wish me the best.

Jarret: I misread Natty’s weekend rundown: I thought he referenced cash prizes at Mary Ann’s. I guess unless you count the beer received in return, and priceless memories, there isn’t much you can take away from that infamous bar’s reunion. No worries, the weekend offers much. Tonight I’m attending Imagine FIGMENT, a fundraiser for the arts festival FIGMENT Boston, which will take over the Greenway this summer with interactive displays, music and performance art. When an event hawks “roving minstrels” as part of the entertainment, how can you say no? Saturday I am celebrating friends’ graduations in Cambridge with Redbones (also: how can you say no?) and, hopefully, dancing. I’ll gladly pick up Casey’s G&T tab.


Alex D.: Today I have off due to summer hours…but I got called in. Sooo the first half of the day I am heading to the gym, followed by Home Depot to replace the cucumber plant I murdered. Hair-cut at noon, and then back to the office. Tomorrow, I am finally accepting my true calling, and hitting the road as a circus performer.  Several of my friends and I signed up for a Trapeze class in Reading.  I’m super terrified-excited.  Saturday night plans will depend on whether I am taking advantage of St. Elizabeth’s short emergency room wait time they are always publicizing on a giant billboard. If I am not in a full body cast, I will be hitting up Common Ground in Allston for a summer time (it is finally here!) mojito. On Sunday, I’m going to ford the river, and check out Johnny D’s for a Jazz Brunch. Followed exciting adult things of errands and cleaning my house.

Andrew: Tonight, I’ll be at Tea Leaf Green – one of my favorite bands in college, and one of our generation’s (X,Y, Z??) best song writers in Trevor Garrod. Plus it’s at The Sinclair and we all know my feelings about that placeOn Saturday, my buddies over at Music Town are putting on the first annual JAMATHON! down in Pawtucket, RI. What’s JAMATHON!? Glad you asked: Join local musicians in any number of genres, instruments, backgrounds, skills and experiences to form bands, jam out some songs and record live demo tracks for a compilation album of the local sounds of our towns. It’s from 12-8pm, food, drum kits, PA’s and much more will be provided. It will be a great experience for musicians looking to meet some new people to jam and walk away with a recording of your accomplishment! Space is limited so buy tickets HERE (all proceeds go to 24 Hour Music Project). Sunday: Rock climbing.

I'm Too Hot

Dave: I’ll take Friday easy – it’s been a busy week – but that doesn’t mean I can’t swing through Salty Pig for a perfect pint to end the work day. If it cools down, I’m hoping to get a long run in before getting ready for an event that will give me an excuse to combine a linen suit and my freshly arrived Boston Strong Bowtie. Sunday will take me back to a field trip to Marblehead. But more on that later. I’m sure of it.

Sarah: Friday afternoon I’ll will be driving the entirety of the Mass Pike to upstate NY to continue my race weekend streak. Saturday morning I’ll be reppin’ Boston pride while running the 35th annual Freihofer’s Run for Women 5k in Albany, NY along with 5,000 other cool women.Saturday night it’s back to Boston where I’ll be out celebrating the warm weather at any bar that has a roof deck, perhaps Atlantic Beer Garden. Sunday is for rest and doing life things, but hangover brunch at Eagles Deli will definitely be happening.

2 oz at the American Craft Beer Festival

Casey: Death by house hunting seems to be on the menu for the foreseeable future of weekends sans weddings and other scheduled activities. With six open houses already planned for Sunday, I’m already thinking of the giant G&T I can’t wait to have after! Or as soon as work is done today! Before that though: I hope to squeeze in some golf, work on fixing that pasty white situation I’ve got going on (if it’s going to be 90 degrees out, I’m going to need a tan), jump…errr work my way in slowly into the pool, get in a long run before it heats up Saturday morning, and tucker the pup out around The Res – no doubt running into many a wobby, BC-alumni-weekend rockstar along the way! Oh and fro yo. Yeah that’s going to happen this weekend too. NOM!

Dan F.: How bout this weather, huh? This afternoon I’ll be headed to the American Craft Beer Fest – a great way to beat the heat and end a stressful week. Tomorrow, I hope to make it over to Faneuil Hall for Pride Day, one of the first events of Boston Pride Week 2013.Sunday I’ll dedicate to gallivanting in Boston, in and around the Common, while simultaneously trying to avoid heatstroke/errant lightning bolts.