Spirit of the Marathon 2 at Regal Fenway

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It’s been almost 6 weeks since the Boston Marathon, and you’ve vowed to run the marathon next year. Awesome! But then…the sinking feeling comes in. *Gulp* I’m running a marathon?

Get ready to be inspired! Next Wednesday June 12th, ‘Spirit of the Marathon 2′ will be playing in movie theaters across the US for a one-time-only 7:00pm showing. The award winning ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ followed a handful of runners – both professional and amateur – as they trained for the Chicago Marathon. The sequel follows seven runners as they get ready to run the 2012 Rome Marathon – the original marathon. If the sequel is anything like the original, get ready for injury heartbreak, inspirational stories, and honest storytelling about one of the most physically demanding activities in the world.

Spirit of the Marathon 2 will be playing at Regal Fenway 13 in Boston, as well as other theaters in the suburbs. Get your tickets now!

Bill Greene // Boston Globe

Bill Greene // Boston Globe