That Time I Joined the Circus Via Living Social

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Trapeze artists 003 - Royal Hanneford Circus - Westchester NY - 2013-02-16

So I may have promised back in October, that I would stop buying Living Social-Groupon-Boston Daily Deals… I quit cold turkey… but… I need to come clean…

I broke down and bought one since then. Just one tiny little deal…

I didn’t buy a Living Social for a restaurant, or a Groupon for a get-a-way to Cambridge… no… I bought a deal for something extremely practical and sensible.

I bought a Living Social deal to become a circus performer.

3 of my friends and I decided that our career path of Architecture Licensure was not everything we dreamed it would be.  Once we finally were able to coordinate a date, we hit the road, and headed up to Reading for a girls day, of terror.

When we arrived, we were excited… but then they asked us who was in line for the 10am trapeze class. The 4 of us and three other girls our age raised their hands, along with 3 kids.  3, 4-year-old kids.

As the team of 3 trapeze staff members explained to our motley crew what we would be doing for the next 2.5 hours, they shackled a belt around each of our waists… very snugly… to the point I thought one of my ribs cracked. The kids in our class were bouncing off the walls, while the rest of us had blank stares filled with fear.

The concept is basic.  You get up to the top of the tower, creep over to the edge while Barbara (awesome woman), grabs the back of your belt, tells you to lean over the edge, bend your knees, and then… jump.

First time up, you just swing back and forth, second time up you are supposed to hang by your legs, by the end of class you will be able to be caught by one of the trapeze artists.

Easier said than done.

This is what my friends, and the 4-year-olds were able to do:

This is what I looked like…

Despite that I looked like a towel hanging on a clothes line, I had an awesome time. It seemed like our whole group, even the 4-year-olds… ok in actuality they had to be at least 6…but man… they were small… became addicted to the feeling of flying… or in my case… hanging.

Trapeze School New York Beantown at Jordan's Furniture

Speaking of addiction, the team members at TSNY Boston have a motto that, “once you stop being afraid of falling, you need to be afraid of addiction”.  I think our group is addicted.  We signed up for 2 more classes (if you sign up for one after you complete your first session, you get one class free)!


I will say, that the only thing was weird is that TSNY Boston is located in one of the most surprising locations… Jordan’s Furniture of Reading. It is insane how much they packed into this place, other than the vast amount of furniture for sale. A Tempur-Pedic-IMAX-3D-Theater (woah), Richardson’s Ice Cream Shop, Fuddrucker’s Restaurant, the Trapeze School, and an entire “Beantown” made of Jelly Belly jelly beans. It was sensory overload, and I have been to Disney World, Las Vegas, and Times Square.

If you ever find yourself at Jordan’s buying a new couch-bed-rug-chair-dining room set pay for a “trial swing time” on the weekends…it is just $10 for one swing or $25 for 3 swings!

Friday: 5:00-9:00pm,
Saturday: 12:00-4:00pm,
Sunday: 12:00-4:00pm

I would suggest the 3 swing deal…it will give you a chance to improve so you don’t look like this: