We Love Weekends – June 7 to 9

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Washington in the Clouds

It’s gonna rain. We’re gonna have fun anyway. Here’s where to find your WLBT authors this weekend.

Sarah: I will be traveling once again this weekend, this time to Boston’s baseball nemesis, New York City. I’ll be running the Oakley Mini 10k Saturday morning
with a college girlfriend – crossing my fingers Andrea doesn’t ruin the party. Sunday is devoted to all things BBQ at the Big Barbecue Block Party where me and my friends will be eating our weight in ribs, pulled pork, and fried everything. If I was in Boston this weekend, I would definitely check out the Cambridge Food Truck Festival.

Alex: I am also out of town for part of this weekend.  Friday night will start with Beer Friday at the office, followed by Happy Hour at Tavern Road and the Common Build Awards Ceremony at the BSA. Last year my team won first place and so we decided to keep our winning streak going and didn’t compete this year. 😉 Friday night I will be preparing delicious skewers of meat, fruit, and veggies aka shish-kabobs in preparation of tailgating on Saturday. Every year since college a group of about 10-15 of us head down to CT for the Dave Matthews Band show.  Although I am not a diehard fan (like most people in the group) I look forward to it every year. Sunday I will be back in Boston to check out the Boston Dragon Boat race finals and watch some pretty cool performances along the Charles.

Haymarket Celebration

Dave: There’s some sort of hockey game tonight or SO I HEAR. That’ll get me through the evening since I just want to do nothing today after a long week. Tomorrow, I’m checking out the long-legendary Vineyard Vines Whale-house sale up in Lawrence because I’ve developed a bit of a Vines problem in recent years and cheap, last-run threads seem like a good way to bolster that without breaking the bank. Sunday it’s a trip to Camelot, but, again, more on that later.

Andrew: B’s ked, a Food Truck Festival in Kendall Sq. come Saturday and then Sunday, it may be sold out, but somehow I’m going to get on a boat to see Deer Tick. Anyone have an extra life jacket?

Natty: Rain, rain, go away. It’s looking like we’re in for a wet start to the weekend. Can’t let the weather hold us down, though. Tonight, the gal and I will head to Newton Centre for dinner at Union Street Bar and Grille. We might watch a hockey game there. Saturday, the gal’s friends will be in town, so we’ll most likely catch a band somewhere in Faneuil Hall–probably Ned Devine’s. The way I see it going down, the girls will dance, and I will stand–awkwardly, mind you–in the corner with my friends, reminiscent of middle school glory days. I can’t wait. Sunday looks like it will be a nice day, so outdoor activities will occur. Oh yeah, and go B’s!

JarretYes, there’s a hockey game, and happy as I am for the home team, I can’t forget another sweep: Sabres over Bruins in four during the 1993 conference quarterfinals. Mayday, and I’m just going to keep rubbing it in. I will be heading to My So-Called 90s Night at Allston’s Common Ground tonight because after last week’s Boston Strong concert I can’t get enough of Bel Biv Devoe. You should totally come and do air drums to “Poison”. If you prefer to watch hockey tonight than dance, no worries: it’s every Friday. But I bet the line will be shorter tonight…

Casey: Remember this?
That’s what I’m up to this weekend. Seeing how the other half lives on the West Coast, visiting a friend in San Diego. We’ll be doing a fair amount of eating, imbibing, paddleboarding, (mud) running, shopping, and beaching – if “June Gloom” clouds burn off that is. Two things to note so far: People here surf in the morning like Bostonians run. And they have mourning doves too. And the avocados just taste different in the breakfast burritos. Palm trees. Yup. Glad I left Boston behind before the tropical storm carnage hit – stay safe and dry this weekend!