Boston Readies for Mayor’s Race at the Speed of Baby Steps

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Thomas M. Menino, mayor of Boston, cuts a cake during the Boston Harborfest opening ceremony.

We felt like we were missing some solid coverage of the upcoming mayoral race – trust us, you wait this long for a mayor election and there is tons to follow and we just can’t do it. Eddie, who manages @BostonVoter and came to our rescue. Here’s his first guest post setting the stage for the race:

At first, this seemed like an electoral dream coming true for your Boston voter next door. After years of unprecedented rule by respected mayor Tom Menino, two dozen mayoral candidates surfaced. Yoohoo – the political marketplace has never been more favorable towards the voter with so many candidates to choose from. But then, one starts looking into this deeper and spending some time learning more about each candidate…

My own verdict disturbed me personally – all candidates in Boston’s mayoral race 2013 are reflections of one another – in many ways as if they were twins, or multiple sextuplets, really.

At this point of the election season individual political hopefuls are struggling to differentiate themselves. Actually, attempts to find the distinction from the other kids in the same political sandbox makes Boston voters worry about differences at all. Hell, as an observer of the mayoral race preparations I am starting to get worried, so, if I was wearing the shoes of Boston mayoral campaign manager*, I would be freaking out seeing my client blending in like this.

*Certainly, the majority of the mayoral campaign 2013 managers are really just fresh baby faces and you gotta love them for being here in Boston on political internship basis. It is nice they will be learning something from this election, and being terrified is a great place to start. That’s politics. 

Boston’s mayoral race is in its infancy stages at this point, but things are starting to line up to be sorted out. I took the matter into my own hands and started ranking the Boston mayoral candidates. First, it was just on paper at my desk trying for myself: I needed to clarify this political mess as I am naturally frightened that once time comes to make THE decision and cast my ballot I will be standing there looking around with that stupid smile on my face.

I jumped on dissecting this mayoral race with all my might. With some help from my geeky IT friends, I created my own ranking system that took some of those paper factors and tracked them a little better. My Boston’s mayoral race analysis eventually started evolving on its own and made me say, “You know what, screw it, I am posting this online!” I created a Twitter account on the elections subject (I am now @BostonVoter) and started giving other registered to vote folks some clarity.

I feel the need to talk about this election and will be contributing regularly to the topic here at We Love Beantown. As I note on my now notorious website – I am here hoping to inspire mayoral candidates. I really wish I could have just enough influence to boost up their campaign managers to grow the hell up! People running campaigns should start now and swiftly attempt taking their campaigns from crawling to walking stages.

Once they start moving, then we’ll sit down and really start talking about running this race for Boston Mayor.