We Love Weekends: June 14 – June 16

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See what are authors are up to this weekend…. Looks like a weekend for our Dads and the Bruins!

Sarah: Dare I say it, this weekend is going to be relaxing. Finally. I’ll be catching up on some much needed sleep tonight. Saturday it’s up early in the morning for a long run and then out into the city to celebrate the fact that it finally stopped raining. Saturday night is all about the Bruins, baby! Let’s hope this one doesn’t go into triple overtime, I don’t think my heart can take it. Sunday will be another relaxing day most likely spent in the suburbs celebrating Fathers Day with my boyfriend’s family. Much love to all the Dads out there!

Bobby flies too... Alex: Bruins. Beach. Beer.

rolling stones

Jarret: With $600 tickets for tonight’s Rolling Stones show at the Garden, I think I’m going to spend my night cranking up Sticky Fingers on the hi-fi. No matter, Keith shows up either way. My co-authors go running: I go biking. Bikes Not Bombs isn’t hosting anything formal this weekend, but their bike-a-thon routes are amazing. Fortunately most stay away from big, big streets like Mass. and Comm. Avenues- according to the Boston Cyclists Union’s crash map, both tough routes with lots of accidents. Ride, run and enjoy the sun! Saturday evening, since we know the Bruins will go to at least one overtime period in Game 2, I’m hitting up a panel on young adult fiction at Brookline Booksmith. Some great talent will be on the panel, including friend Gina Damico, author of the excellent Croak series

Andrew: That’s right, I’m heading out of town to Asheville for a wedding, so if you have any suggestions for must see/do things feel free to send them over. However, if you’re in Boston this weekend and are a fan of the 90s mix tapes in your basement: BOOM.

Everclear, Live, Filter and Sponge are all on one bill at the HOB.

Otherwise go outside and enjoy the weather. Go B’s!

Haymarket Celebration

Casey: I’m so ready to say goodbye to the rain and hello to the beach. Hoping to get some sun and sand, or sun and golf time in on Saturday – maybe my first trip to Wingaersheek of the summer, or first round at Newton Commonwealth! Sunday, I’ll be doing a triathlon in Ashland and then eating back all, yes all, the calories I’ve burned (it’ll make my bum feel better after the hilly ride and run) family BBQ-style in Wellesley for Father’s Day. The early morning wake up on Sunday for the race means I can’t go too crazy with the B’s on Saturday, but plan to watch and throw back a few – maybe at Brighton Beer Garden? Go Bruins!