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Butterworth & Co.

I encountered Jon Butterworth in April of 2009–my first official post-grad, real-world spring. If my memory serves me correctly, it was Holy Thursday–a notorious drinking night for the area’s young school teachers–and I was out with a variety of employees from both public and private institutions around the city. We had bounced from bar to bar in Brighton Center until–fatefully–we ended up at Brighton Beer Garden for dinner and drinks.

We were finishing up our meal–the crowd focused intently on a Bruins game–when the distinct bass line from The Beatles classic “Come Together” rang faintly from somewhere below our feet, the table rattling ever so slightly with each deep note that rang out. After some debate–we did not at the time know that BBG had opened a basementwe concluded that live music was in fact being produced somewhere within the bowels of the building. 

After some exploration, we were fortunate enough to find the stairs that led us to drummer Jon Butterworth and High Five Time–the notorious, now-retired, Gansett-drinking, Boston-based cover band. As anyone who has ever before attended a HFT show can attest, many Gansetts and much dancing ensued…per usual.

Now in 2013, Butterworth has joined Ray Hendricks, Todd Waller, and Bryan Rotundo to form Butterworth & Co., a soulful, funky, melodically-driven quartet. The group officially released their debut album, Pick Me Up, earlier this month–and. it. is. seriously. good. The 6-track introduction to Butterworth & Co. features superior musicianship, killer vocals from Hendricks, and melodies that will burn their way into your brain–just give the title track–“Pick Me Up”a listen. You’ll see what I mean.

The best part? The album is currently streaming for free on SoundCloud.

Like the sound? Check out Butterworth & Co. live at the Middle East Upstairs in Central Square on Monday, June 24. The band will hit the stage at 9 p.m. Get out and support great local music.