Dawes/Shovels and Rope Royale Re-Cap 6/21/13

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“Damn, it’s packed in here.”

Even though I picked up a few tickets at the door, I think everyone got the memo that opener Shovels and Rope were going to bring it for this “sold out” show with Dawes.

This White Stripes esq duo, threw down some heavy-blues-inspired-folk-rock, with each of them almost competing with each other in their harmonies, guitar rifts, drums and percussion work. However it worked, it worked damn well.  This activity may cause you to forgot that there are only two of them as Dave points out. Oh yeah they each switch instruments to both play everything. Very excited for them to return in the fall for their own headlining gig at Royale.

“These guys are f*cking tight.”

That’s all I kept thinking when Dawes busted into their first song of the night, From a Window Seat, which also happens to be their first single off their new album Stories Don’t EndNow this isn’t my first Dawes rodeo, I think my fourth, but to see the progression into a matured, driving train, with the ability to go off the cuff and make a live show unique is exactly what you look for in a band with this kind of potential. They’ve refined their sound to exactly what they want, especially with the new songs, keeping their original feel, but highlighting their ability to adapt and refresh.  Aside from a few white lies about the Royale crowd being the loudest during crowd favorite When My Time Comes, I’ll still argue this version with surprise guest John McCauly of Deer Tick was pretty freaking loud, the highlight for me was set closer A Little Bit of EverythingThis is everything that Dawes does well: dark, uplifting lyrics with beautiful music accompaniment and epic jam. Boom.

PS: The Traveling Wilburys cover with Shovels and Rope was pretty sweet too, I think fellow WLBT writer @Drea would agree 🙂