How To Boston: Shamelessly Self-Promoting Your Events

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Spamalot Press Pic

The Internet is what keeps us entertained when we don’t have stuff to do. The question, of course, is how can the Internet not only fulfill our boredom but also encourage us to get out and try something new.

We’re lucky in Boston that, over the past years, several Internet denizens have made it their job to make sure locals know what’s going on and how to take advantage of it the best. In writing We Love Beantown, we’ve gotten to know many of these great writers, local aficionados and community supporters – people like Tom of BostonTweet, Adam of Universal Hub and EventBrite’s Sara come to mind.

Now, as I talk about this, I do think to how we tell you about things we’re most interested in. In fact, there’s a delicate balance, because when it comes to it, our purpose here is to tell you about things we’d do ourselves (that’s what our We Love Weekends series is all about).

Every now and then, something comes up we really want to spotlight, though, so you’ll get a feature post – and we want to make sure we push that out beyond our walls if we can. How the heck do we make sure that the traveling rovers of Boston – gone for the summer, busy with other events or, well, just calling it a day next to air conditioner – get to these cool things going on?

Today’s How to Boston is a case study – what’s the best way (or least shameless or most shameless, if that’s what what you’re into) to get your events out to the locals of Boston?

Let’s say you want to get word out about a super awesome local production of the great Spamalot from the great folks of Monty Python. It’s timely, with six shows over the next few weeks and – look – there’s even a $1 discount on tickets if you use the coupon code LEVY.

I know I’m interested. Here, look at the poster:

Let’s say you wanted to get that in front of people of Boston. Sure, it’s not downtown, but close enough for a weekend evening and over the holiday – what better place to be than the birthplace of the American Navy (suck it, Beverly).

First thing, you want to get a good central post or event up on something like Eventbrite so that you’re always pointing your friends back to the same thing. As the case study goes, I’d use this post and then put it just about everywhere – Twitter, Facebook, the WLBT Twitter, the WLBT Facebook. Maybe beg a few other people along the way.

One thing to consider is to line-up your ticket sales or other things in one single place. Obviously, if you need to do things like a seating chart for a specific room, you have to have your own system. The key is you don’t want to send people to two places to do one thing. Don’t set up a Facebook event if you need to have tickets – it just adds a step (one of the reasons you can’t go wrong with Eventbrite since it easy to share your attendance the other direction). Plus, with Sara hanging around Boston and watching local events, it can’t hurt to sent a tweet to @BriteBoston or reach out to her!

Now, we only have a moderate audience here at We Love Beantown – we’re small, but mighty, and we definitely appreciate all of you. To get the word further, we’ll often turn to Twitter and make sure we add @UniversalHub or @BostonTweet to our post so they see it. They have been around for so long and have worked really hard to build an impressive following base – and if we’ve piqued their interest, hopefully they will give us a hand by linking back.

Depending on my level of shamelessness, there may be a Direct Message or even an email to Adam or Tom involved. Let the record show that I usually have a high-level of shamelessness.

Finally, I’d always recommend checking out the neighborhood Patch for where the event is happening. They have awesome event calendars and teams that you can reach out via Twitter or email.

Oh, and, by the way, be sure to check out Spamalot, June 27th, 28th and 29th and July 5th, 6th and 7th. This friendly neighborhood blogger makes an appearance in more ways than one, loses some limbs and dances (not in that order).

[Press photos from Spamalot by Joseph Puelo, taken at Hammond Castle. Your author is in the back row, left, in tights.]