Photo of the Week: June 26, 2013

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Love Lock

In honor of the death of DOMA today: All you need is love.

And is Boston getting its own love locks hot spot? In Seoul, Paris, Rome, New York Chicago, ( maybe DC?) and many others, “lovahs” flock to landmarks to place a padlock – sometimes with names, dates, or quotes written on them – to symbolize and commemorate their love.

And I’ve been noticing more and more locks appearing on the fence by Hynes Convention Center T stop on my commute – much like these heart-shaped ones seen here, taken by We Love Beantown’s own Alex Dupnik. Maybe they were put there on a double love lock date!

Share your love lock story: Have you and your lovah placed a padlock in a famous city or at a famous site? Plan to place one at the Mass. Ave fence yourself? Snap a photo if you do for our Flickr group!