Anna’s Taqueria – The Hype Is Real

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07-17-06 006

Every culture seems to have a wrapped food item in their culinary repertoire.

Italians have manicotti and cannoli while the Japanese have sushi.  The Chinese and Thai have spring rolls, the French have crepes, Polish have stuffed cabbage, and the United States has Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls.

But the nation that has trumped the UN’s rolled food race would be Mexico with their delectable burritos.

Anna's Taqueria

I found out, Anna’s Taqueria is the priestly favorite among the residents of Boston. (or maybe just our readers) I needed to find out for myself if this was true… because frankly, I have not had Anna’s since I was a Freshman taking a break from my research project at MIT’s Rotch library (no no… I went to WIT, not MIT).

Recently, when I needed a burrito fix, I have frequented the Kshtriyas (taco warrior), Chipolte.  I was under the impression that this is what Ameircan-ized burrito establishments have become and was content with this option.

Anna's Taqueria - BostonTweet

When Anna’s Taqueria’s marketing squad contact us at We Love Beantown, I stoked to taste what all the hype was about.  I knew that people who frequented Anna’s were part of a diehard-meat-and-cheese cult.  I was skeptical.

Upon arrival, Mike, was warm and welcoming.  He opened his kitchen to Dave and I.  He allowed us to try anything off the menu we could fit into our stomachs, which was frankly frightening how much we were able to fit.

07-17-06 007

We started off slow with chips and guac.  I am a guac lover and I am generally disappointed with the cilantro-lime-cumin ratios.  Anna’s was spot on in balanced yuuummyy flavor.

The other two flavor explosions that made me go back to Anna’s of Coolidge Corner not once, but twice since visiting earlier this June were the Grilled Chicken Quesadilla and Steak En Sala Roja Burrito.


Yea yea yea you think you have a had a quesadilla before. What you actually had was a folded over cheese and meat filled pocket of sadness. Anna’s has revamped and added magic to their rendition of the quesadilla.  They allow you to add not just meat and cheese, but also rice, beans, salsa, and hot sauce.  “Wait wait wait… that sounds like a burrito”, you may say. That’s because it is.  It is a burrito, that is carefully rolled up, and then seared to heaven; creating a crispy crusty shell.

&*$#@ I am so hungry now!

The other delectable that I can’t stop thinking about is the Steak En Sala Roja burrito (which could also be turned into a quesadilla… no idea why I have not done this yet…)

Still as good as I remember: Steak super burrito from Anna's Taqueria

This little guy is loaded with some kung pow wowyyy tasty sauce.  I’m taking deep-spicy-flavor, not I-have-a-weird-desire-to-feel-like-my-face-is-going-to-burn-off-hot.

In conclusion to this ramble. I’m not a foodie, I sometimes like to pretend I am, but then that means you need to like eggs in cups (gross), and bone marrow (seriously)? When Anna’s marketing crew came a knocking, I knew this was MY foodie calling.

If you have lived in a hole like me for the past 8 years… you need to taste this goodness.

And well…if nothing else… I’ll leave you with this weird burrito video…