We Love Weekends – June 28 – 30

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It’s the last weekend of June, and our authors plan to say goodbye to the sixth month in style. Here’s where you can find us.

Oh, yeah. A special thanks to Boston’s own Annie Connors for her photo of Tulips in the Public Garden!

Andrew: With the the Bruins season coming to an end, I might actually have to sit down and watch a full Red Sox game from start to finish. First place + young talent – a whiney, fried chicken eating, overweight, overpaid pitchers = Sold. Gloucester should be fun this weekend, for the annual St. Peter’s Fiesta. It includes, carnival rides, live music, the Blessing of the Fleet, and of course the ‘Greasy Pole‘. Who doesn’t love seeing inebriated Italian-Americans try and grab a flag on the other end of telephone pole, 45 ft off shore, covered in motor oil? Outtakes give AFV a run for its money.

Dave: The world is a stage. Ok, not the world, just my weekend. With two more shows after last night’s opening night, Spamalot is going strong up on the North Shore and tickets are available! I’ll finally get a rest day come Sunday, and I’ll herald it with baseball, guitars and beers and then maybe a drink somewhere in Somerville.

Spamalot Press Pic

Dan: I’ll be forgoing my traditional rigorous napping schedule because it’s my last summer weekend in Beantown. Tonight, a friend is in town from DC, so I’ll show him how We Love Beantown by taking him out into the city – dinner at Legal Sea Foods and then drinks at Club Cafe . On Saturday, I’ve invited my friends to help celebrate my send-off at the always-appropriate Golden Temple  – have you ever been to their “nightclub”? It’s not to be missed. On Sunday I’ll finish packing my suitcases, since I’ll be leaving on the 2nd to complete my Master’s at Middlebury College. In the interim, Beantown, you’ll will always be in my heart!

Sarah: With my impending vacation next week to sunny San Diego, California, this weekend is all about tying up loose ends. Friday night is going to be filled with yoga, some beers, and relaxation (in that order) after a busy week. Since I’m officially training for a marathon, Saturday morning is for running. The rest of the day will be filled with last-minute packing and prepping. Sunday I’m heading west to good ol’ Upstate NY for the day for a friend’s bridal shower.

Natty: It’s hard to believe this is the last weekend of June. Where did the month go? I’ll kick things off tonight by heading out to Barcelona in Washington Square to celebrate the gal’s completion of yet another school year. Post-dinner, a little Golden Temple may be appropriate. Let’s be honest. Golden Temple is always appropriate. Saturday, I’ll wake up early, get the car inspected, hit Beacon Hill Athletics Club, and then head to Middleton, MA for a family party–3rd birthdays rock. Sunday is for Red Sox and guitar, as all summer Sundays should be–right, DL?


Casey: Spotty weather be damned, I’m going kayaking, most likely at Lake Cochituate – I’ll need something to help motivate me to do the massive amount of laundry that needs to be done Saturday morning. If it really looks questionable and my husband talks some sense into me, we may just go hit some balls all safe like at McGolf in Dedham. Saturday we’ve also got a family BBQ and some Brahmin birthday celebrations on the calendar. And Sunday we’ve got some Boston Harbor Islands action planned – aka “brunch” if Mother Nature’s still not cooperating. Best of luck to our own Sir Bedevere this weekend!!!