A Red, White, and Blood Orange Soiree

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Since I’ll be spending my summer far from Beantown and immersed in Hispanic culture, it’s only appropriate that a “Sangria and Tapas Soiree” be the topic of my first post from abroad!


As you go red-white-and-blue in the face from over-celebrating ‘murica this weekend, why not try embracing some Spanish culture on Monday? Tasca, my favorite tapas restaurant in the area, is throwing its “Soiree” on July 8th, and I highly recommend that you go. It will be a refreshing way to wash away that Fourth-of-July-Weekend Budweiser-and-barbecue haze; plus, sangria’s got sliced fruit in it, so it’s nutritious, right?

Over the course of two hours, you’ll be served a wide variety of selections like Matador Mint, “Summer in Barcelona” White, and Seville Blood Orange sangrias; each will come paired with one of their delish and authentic tapa selections (it’s unclear exactly which will be served, but I hope you get to try my favorites, the Queso frito de cabra and the classic Gambas al ajillo). Finally, the five courses will be topped off with a dessert (no wine pairing here . . . they must still be perfecting their Flan Sangria . . .).

The best part? All this costs only $35 a person. This is an absolute steal for the variety you are getting, and would make for a great date night (“We’re going to a sangria tasting? You’re so worldly and good-looking! Marry me!?”). The food, the wine, and the price make the trek on the B-line totally worth it. If you plan to drive, on-street parking can be hard to find, so suck it up and pay $6 for the valet service (your date will be impressed by this, even if you are driving a 1983 Corolla with no hubcaps). Don’t park in the nearby Whole Foods parking lot; those signs threatening to tow non-customers are not fooling around. Really the most important thing for drivers to remember is that sangria is an alcoholic beverage, which you’ll be having lots of . . . maybe ask your Mom to drive you (and your date) instead.

Check out the full menu and make your reservation here¡Que disfrutes!