How Likely is a Sharknado in Massachusetts?

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In the last few years, Massachusetts has seen both sharks and tornadoes in the commonwealth. Out of vigilance, though, we would like to offer a public service and temper the odds on if and where a Sharknado could occur.

According to data collected between 1950 and 1995, Massachusetts ranks 35th in the country in terms of historical frequency of tornadoes, averaging approximately 3 per year. The highest in one year was 12, but there were some years in which no tornadoes were reported. While there have been several tornado watches issued during the early summer and spring storms experienced here in the region, one was reported touched down in May in Stoughton.

When it comes to sharks, the region of the state we have to focus on is the Cape. Let’s be honest, the likelihood of a shark sighting in the western part of the state is probably below impossible given the lack of a coastline. Cape Cod Online has documented approximately 16 or so sightings in between 2009 and 2012, most of which on the lower and outer cape.

The key here is to find the middle point between how far towards the mainland sharks may go and how close to the water a tornado could come. We’re probably looking at somewhere around Plymouth or maybe New Bedford. Citizens, please be safe and, no, I haven’t actually watched the movie yet.