Heartless Bastards @ The Sinclair 7/11 Re-Cap

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My only disappointment in song choice for their set was skipping this song, given the track title.

Heartless Bastards circled back into town last Thursday night on 7/11 (anyone get a Free Slurpee?), to rock The Sinclair. The band walked out to a classic 1920s recording, which lead singer Erika Wennerstrom would let us know was her Grandmother, whom she’d never met, but connected through her musical recordings. The very close, if not totally sold out crowd were treated to a lot of favorites off their most recent 2012 release, Arrow.

Every time I see this band I’m reminded of how an absolutely tight rock ‘n’ roll band can  blow me away. I still feel like I owe them for their spirit boosting performance down at Hangout Fest in 2012. Sometimes the sun, drunk college kids and the smell of patchouli wears on you and it gets to be a bit too much, but seeing these guys rock out put a smile on my face. It was good to see everyone in Cambridge that walk out with the same feeling.

Looking forward to a new record the next time they come back around, and from the looks of it, their gonna need a bigger room.