Rolling Stone Magazine Loses Its Way

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Let me preface this piece by saying I actually like Rolling Stone Magazine. I have a subscription/free trial from the numerous concert tickets I buy from Ticketmaster/LiveNation, but obviously to stay relevant in an industry where print media is fading away, their decision for a cover photo shows how they’ve gone astray.

In America, we accept the fact that there is a freedom of choice, and a music news and entertainment magazine has the right to post whatever cover photo they want, however, when dealing with sensitive issues, like alleged terrorist or murderers, where they can cross the line is glorifying or feeding the flames to make a person into a “Rock Star”, and use a few lines of text to shed a empathetic light on the wrong person.

I understand the fact that people are fascinated by criminals and I was one of the millions glued to my TV, as we were terrorized in neighboring towns, during this whole terrible event. We have this instinctual belief that everyone is born good, so when people stray so far off the path and do something so reprehensible, we want to know why?

Where things get out of control, is when the media sensationalizes these characters and in this case will hype up an idiotic movement, mostly by teenage girls, who thought this adult male, was too good looking to commit such a horrible crime. It takes away the responsibilty of his alleged actions and starts to make excuses for why he may have committed these crimes.

We still don’t know the full content of the article, but when you place a picture of one of the, alleged, most despicable humans on earth, with a picture and a few lines of text to imply because he had a rough childhood/family life that that justifies the decision he made to kill and maim, that is where you lose control. That is insulting to not only the victims he’s killed or maimed, but also anyone else who has struggled through childhood circumstances out of they’re control and came out on the other side to live a positive and productive life.

In conclusion, will this cover photo or story cause me to stop taking advice on new albums coming out or other stories of my favorite artists featured? Probably not. I’m just disappointed that one time, we couldn’t celebrate the lives of those affected, and not those who have destroyed them.