Outside The Box Festival Feature: Dressed for the Occasion

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Dressed For The Occasion (Thursday, July 18 at 3:30 p.m. Boston Common, Park Street Stage)

In the summer of 2010, singer Addison Chase came to Boston with plans of completing an acoustic album produced by guitarist Patrick Hopkins. But in a twist of fate, he wound up forming a band with him instead. With the addition of bassist Alex Ferrero and drummer Michael Penney, Dressed for the Occasion was born and ready to rock. Rooted in classics like Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Hank Williams, and The Doors, they create a sound that can only be described as a thunderstorm of originality. Dressed for the Occasion has opened for world renowned acts like The Vibrators and The Hudson Falcons, and played in clubs throughout Boston like The Middle East and T.T. the Bear’s. Before long, they won the Boston Battle of the Bands and were nominated for New Act of the Year by the New England Music Awards. With vocals reminiscent of Eddie Vedder set to hard rocking, rootsy guitar licks, Dressed for the Occasion has earned their place in the Boston spotlight.

1. Outside The Box is described as: A revolutionary event happening this July in the heart of Boston, one that promises to unite neighborhoods, citizens, and artistic communities throughout the city.

Do you think we need more of these types of events?

Absolutely. I would love to see more of Boston’s artistically inclined citizens using this beautiful city as their personal canvas, for the world to see. Art helps a lot to keep the mood up and there should be no shortage of it.

2. How is the Boston Music Scene different than other cities you’ve played?

The music scene here is great, with a very true core following, but I would love to see a lot more of it. I would love to see music celebrated on every street corner at all times of the day like it is in so many other cities.

3. What’s your favorite show you’ve played in Boston?

We played Toad a couple months back in Porter Sq. and the stage was so small that our bassist (Alex) had to stand below the stage on the floor. The entire show was a balancing act for me as I had one square foot of standing space on the front edge of the platform with my toes hanging off. Nonetheless we packed the place with a line out the door of our best friends, sold the bar out of PBR and had an awesome show. Rock n’ Roll requires no stage, just enough standing room.

4. What’s your favorite show you’ve been to in Boston?

There are too many. My dreams come true every time I visit the House of Blues.

5. Which other performances are you looking forward to other than your own?

I would love to see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the core following that shows up for them, being such a staple in Boston music culture. Also our good friends Nemes are going on the park street stage right after us and I know they are going to be great.

Thanks to Addison from Dressed for the Occasion for checking in with us, go check them out today at 3:30pm!


Just a reminder, the festival is open to the public and will take place at Boston Common and City Hall Plaza from July 13-21. For additional information about the festival, please visit www.outsidetheboxboston.org.