Father John Misty @ HOB Re-Cap

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Aubrey Plaza’s everywhere these days huh?

Former Fleet Foxes drummer Father John Misty aka J. Tillman aka Joshua Tillman, crushed the House of Blues last night. After fighting an early dismissed Sox game, I got in right in time for his opening monologue, disecting his pre-set music. In case you don’t know, unintentional/intentional comedy is part of the show. The banter, in between most of the songs off the highly acclaimed, Fear Fun, is often a highlight of the show. In fact before the encore began he kicked off a “Q and A”, where he let us know:

  • He doesn’t like Kanye West
  • He won’t be hanging out with a female fan who asked him to meet a Newport Folk Festival this weekend.
  • And finally his biggest regret musically has been not learning a 12 minute version of “Free Bird”, to shove in the face of the guy who screams it at every concert, ever.

The actual music of the encore included a new song, Bored in the USA, and a phenomenal version of The Beatles, Happiness is a Warm Gun.

Overall A+ show. I’m looking forward to the next new album and maybe an R. Kelly cover next time.