Opening Number: “Upper Range” of $65 to $80m

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The Boston Globe; Future of the Daily Newspaper

A story that certainly will be around for a little (or at least until the Globe writing positive stuff on the Sox doesn’t seem artificial) is the sale of one of our town’s two dailies to John Henry, Red Sox and Liverpool owner. One of the interesting developments today: the Globe itself is reporting that at least three other bidding groups had put in offers higher than the $70 million that Henry reportedly committed.

According to the article, the other three groups – all with specific publishing backgrounds with ownership of some media in another market – pushed a little beyond there. My personal favorite is the quote attributed to a TV and magazine owner out in Springfield, who noted his bid was above Henry’s and in the upper range of $65 to $80 million. Which just makes me chuckle because he could have just picked a number at that point.