We Love Weekends – August 9 – 11

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Our authors have been on the road so much, but we’d be remiss not to uphold the tradition of filling you in on our weekends. Catch us around town, the cape or Shark Weeking it!

Sarah: Friday morning I’ll be up at the ass-crack of dawn to fit in my 12-mile long run for the week before work. Friday night I am headed to the wonderful land of Upstate New York to visit my parents and spend a day at the Saratoga Race Course. I grew up with horses and used to never miss at least one Summer visit to the track. It’s been a few years and what better way to go back than the year they’re celebrating 150 years.

Dave: I’ll be catching up with a friend after work to join in a small, weekly session of Take Back Roggie’s in Cleveland Circle, and then stalk and hope that the fire code passed and Five Horses South End can get the beer taps flowing on Friday night. Then, Saturday a.m., I’m down to the Cape to grab my bib for Sunday’s Falmouth Road Race, with a nice hearty stop at the Cape Cod Winery on the way to load up on carbs. 7 miles by foot on Sunday and then probably 7 hours of traffic on route 3, but it’ll be a great weekend.


Dups: Whoop whoop summer Fridays continue. Thursday night starts my weekend with the awesomeness that is summer major league bocce. Bocce you may think is for old Italian men, it is, but it is also for 20-30 somethings looking for an excuse to drink on a Thursday night. I have made a bunch of really awesome friends via Bocce. Heck. I became an Editor/Author on this blog because of the awesome people I met from Bocce. So wish my team luck this season as we attempt to not be in last place for the 3rd time. Friday I plan on spending my day off channeling my inner Jersey Girl by keeping it classy and heading to revEAR for some sun. Friday night I will continue fist pumping while I see my favorite EDM artist, Kaskade, at Ocean Club. Saturday, I’ll put away the leopard and pull put my Polo dresses to close out the weekend in Chatham.

Jarret: I too will be playing bocce this weekend, though on the rolling hills and dales of Western New York. That’s right, I’m ditching the East Coast for the North Coast. Were I to stay, I’d bike to worktomorrow and get breakfast provided by the Boston Cyclists Union. Saturday combines the two things I love most: thin crust pizza and pianos. (Love is fickle, so maybe the two things will be different next weekend). Regina Pizzeria in Allston not only hosts dueling pianos, but you can also get your drink on in a sweet neo-romanesque train station. It’s the most architecturally significant sports bar in existence. Take that, Buffalo Wild Wings.

Natty: This weekend marks the end of my summer vacation week, so it’s bittersweet. After a week of soaking up the sun–and Shark Week–in Maine, I’ll head down to the beautiful town of Westport, MA for the first Connors Family Reunion in the past 15 years. Friday night, my immediate Connors family will meet at the Westport Rivers Winery for some live music and wine tasting. Saturday, I’ll spend my morning getting in touch with the earth at the Westport Town Farm before the the whole clan congregates at Horseneck Beach–which experienced it’s first shark sighting this week. As if I wasn’t scarred enough from spending summers in Chatham, the home of “Return of Jaws“. At least I’m not afraid of sharks–okay, fine. That’s a boldfaced lie. I’m never swimming again. Sunday, I’ll head back home and prepare for my return to work. This Monday is guaranteed to be awful. Enjoy the weekend, all!


Drea: I’m in Cali for a big ass, fancy wedding. I’ll be dreaming of summer nights in Beantown, but if you had heard, the sights and temps here aren’t half bad. When I return Sunday, my darling baby sister will be here for a week!

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