Inbound 2013 Re-Cap

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Last week thousands of Marketers and Tech-folk alike, descended upon Boylston Street to attend the annual Inbound Marketing conference of Cambridge’s own HubSpot, which was called, you guessed it: INBOUND

Located at The Hynes Convention Center, the event was packed with Keynote Sessions from:

Arianna Huffington – President & Editor in Chief, Huffington Post
Seth Godin – Best-Selling Author
Scott Harrison – CEO & Founder, charity: water
Nate Silver – Founder,
As well as product updates and the state of Inbound Marketing, addressed by HubSpot Cofounders, CEO Brian Halligan and CTO Dharmesh Shah, and over 100 other speakers.
As a music fan, it really felt like a full-blown major music festival, with larger popular bands playing main stages and the up and coming bands on the small stages. Only instead of dusty fields and the smell of patchouli, we had air conditioning and crisp looking PowerPoints.
“Eff You Fuel” slide from Jennifer Leggio during “Bold Talks” session
Some of the “Small Stage” speakers were also some of my favorites, which happens a lot at festivals as well. There was one of the Ballrooms which held the “Bold Talks”. Similar to TED style talks, not focusing specifically on Marketing, but business, ethics, stories about inspiring innovation and motivation.
Ann Handley, talked about conquering fears and stepping outside your comfort zone. Julien Smith dived into how social media is dead; not in the sense that it’s going away, but in the sense that it’s been discovered, so go and find a new industry. Be first. And Katie Rae discussed the impact that stigmatizing Startups as a high risk ventures, with small percentage of success, and how it affects the involvement of women, who tend to be more conservative when assessing risky business opportunities. That and the impact of teams with women in executive roles, receiving less funding, is affecting competition in the industry and diminishing the potential success for everyone involved.
Couple these talks with direct skill shares, product demonstrations, networking opportunities at happy hours in “Club Inbound” and parties along Boylston Street, and finally, why not? A rock show with Grammy nominated artist, One Republic, and that solidifies Inbound as one of the best events of the year.
The event came to a conclusion with a moving presentation by the Founder and CEO of charity: water, Scott Harrison. A former club promoter in NYC, who got caught up in the partying and nightlife that comes with it, decided to change his life and give back by partnering with local charities who help provide clean water to rural communities. It was a truly inspiring thing to see one person establish this brand that is larger than life.
They are running a campaign to bring clean water to 100 communities in India, here’s how you can get involved in their #September campaign.

With another successful Inbound event on the books, the dates for next years event have been released for next September and they’ll be moving to the larger convention location in South Boston.

Keep an eye out at for more details.

Looking to forward to see how they’ll top 2013 next year, stay tuned…