We Love Weekends: Labor Day 2013

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It’s Labor Day weekend, and actually the last days before we celebrate our first birthday writing about Boston. While we enjoy and plan our anniversary, why don’t you check out what some of our authors are up to?

Andrew: Tonight, Favecasta location recommendation app, powered by positive videos made by friends or customers to help you find cool places, is hosting our first #FavecastFriday at Grafton St. in Harvard Sq. from 6-8pm. Register here to meet our growing community and your first two beers are on us. Hopefully the beautiful weather holds up Saturday for the 29th annual Gloucester Schooner Festival, which is capped off on Sunday morning with a parade of lights where the boats get into costume and make their way down the Annisquam River, across Gloucester Harbor and into Smith Cove. On Sunday evening in Gloucester, you can enjoy the last Reggae Sunday at the Madfish Grille, officially marking the end summer and football season to begin.


Drea: Tonight I’m celebrating a beloved coworkers departure at Meadhall. Tomorrow I’m trying out Crossfit North End before doing some apartment shopping and a home-cooked dinner with an old friend. Then Sunday, we’re getting out here and visiting Portland, ME for a little eating-based late summer adventure.

Dan: Tonight, I will be drinking beer at The Fourth Annual Massachusetts Brewers at the World Trade Center Headhouse Concourse. Because, we like beer.

Maryland v Boston College

Sarah: Want to know the best part of this Labor Day weekend? I’m not moving! Friday is going to be a relaxing day off of work (best decision I’ve made on a while). I’ll be up bright and early to tailgate the first Boston College football game of the year! Don’t worry NEU, you know where my hockey allegiances lie. Sunday I’ll be getting hell out of dodge and going to Portland, ME for the day for some anniversary action with my other half. Monday is currently totally open. Maybe I’ll hit up a yoga class at my fav yogi studio Sweat and Soul Yoga before all the BU students take over Allston.

Dave: Things that surprise no one: I’ll be tailgating this weekend. In fact, I’ll be rocking and rolling the food starting today so that when the gates open at Chestnut Hill, we’ll be all systems go. I am going to sneak in one quick event, though, before that: the Fourth Annual Mass Brewers’ Fest. I’ll be there with camera and beer drinking pants. The rest of the weekend will be cleaning, recovery and maybe renting a boat through the airBnB-style BoatBound.

Natty: College football arrives this weekend! Shipyard Pumpkinhead and the Boston College Football Eagles are in my immediate future. Nice. The rest of the weekend will be dedicated to helping the sister move back into the city. September 1 in Boston is my nightmare. Wish me luck as I take on the out-of-town UHaulers, the Labor Day Holiday Weekend visitors, and–of course–the dreaded, homemade NO PARKING signs!

JarretI don’t always tailgate, but when I do, it’s fantastic. There’s no better way to not move on Saturday than get up early anyway, bike through Brookline dodging rental trucks and discarded couches and bookshelves, and settle on a hillside at Boston College making a racket and drinking too early. I’m too familiar with the scene: I used to perform for every tailgate at the same location. I’m sure the students loved it. Saturday night I will also go down to the Cape for the first time this summer (pack it in, right?) I’m actually most excited to be in Mashpee and see theMashpee Commons, a famous urban design project for the “new urbanism” movement. Hey, it’s a thing. I will celebrate Labor Day, and the Pullman Porters who rallied for its first celebration, by going back in time and voting for Eugene Debs for President in all five elections he lost.