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Boston Fourth of July Fireworks

We made it. One full year writing about what we love about this town – and as much as we have enjoyed writing for you, we’ve all learned plenty about what it means to be from Boston. It’s been one of the most interesting, and at times tragic, years to call ourselves Bostonians – but you’ve all taught us quite a bit.

Andrea learned why we deserve a boutique wine store and Natty schooled us on the importance of alternative radio coming from the towers of Emerson. Sarah helped us discover the motivation and cool airs when it’s unbearably hot. I found out what my voice sounds like echoing across Fenway Park. Andrew kept his cool when we met our musical heroes. Dan stood behind athletes who made history…for what they did off the field as role models. Jarret got lost in the history of the famous Boston Tea Party.

And, just as Alex shows us best, we have lots of reasons for loving Boston. Oh yes, we loved Boston, through a spring that demanded we, as Matt so beautifully put it, stand together as one city.

We love Boston and we don’t mind calling it Beantown. Today’s our first birthday, and we hope you keep stopping by to give us the inspiration to keep learning what this city has in store.